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Our clients are further education colleges, training providers, assessment organisations and awarding bodies providing practical solutions tailored to individual goals.
At West Coast Agency we are committed to education and its transformative power to change lives.

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We offer developmental solutions to our clients in the education and training sector. Supporting our clients on a wide range of issues focused on improvement of key performance indicators including OFSTED inspection. We work with our clients to ensure that all learners can achieve to the best of their ability and further education and training continues to be a place of positive personal and professional achievement for all involved.

Working with our clients:

Where can we add value for you?

OFSTED Education Inspection Framework

We can advise and direct improvements in practical terms to give your institution a clear understanding of EIF and the impact for leaders, teaching staff and trainers/assessor. We can look at any stage using a three-tiered approach.

  • Intention – curriculum planning is this fit for purpose, how are employers engaged with this process.
  • Implementation – How are learners succeeding what impact is teaching / training having on long term knowledge gained. Deep Dive activity guidance
  • Impact – How successful is the course/training programme on meeting its intention?

Internal and External Quality Compliance

Often a systems and process approach, we can undertake training or advise / implement new structures to improve quality processes

End Point Assessment Training

Working with assessors to amend training methods, mapping assessment criteria, training for those wishing to become associate end point assessors

Critical Friend Activity

We can assist with curriculum planning, quality improvement plan implementation, change management, quality process reviews, self-assessment review panels

Interim Management

Providing cover for management positions


Curriculum review for either financial or student outcome improvement purpose


We offer a range of bespoke training to suit your needs.


We offer a range of bespoke training to suit your needs. We can deliver group sessions for staff development, or one to one development for middle and senior managers to suit your needs.

What They Say

John has an excellent comprehension of data analysis and a thorough understanding of the syllabi and direction of travel of awarding bodies. Through his approaches the College has a clear insight on the current state of play and the progress made. Resulting in some extremely promising data.

Dr Paul Phillips CBE

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide the best solutions for our clients.
Sounds simple. It is the experience we have that enables our analysis and understanding to create improvements whether this is financial, curriculum or quality improvement. We work on an individual basis with each client assessing their needs and providing a bespoke response. We have seen direct measurable improvement where we have been involved. Working with teams or individuals to create a better experience for learners.


We are honest with you from start to finish of any project, sometimes this can be hard to hear, but we are with you to help and we will provide workable solutions


Our honest approach allows trust to form quickly in our working relationships. This enables us to feel part of your team and your teams to interact positively with us as we work to provide solutions to identified issues.


When undertaking any work with an individual, college, training provider, awarding organisation or assessment organisation. We work with you understanding your motivation and ethos is essential for us.

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